Khezrabad 100 MW Solar Power Plant

CP-Pars is the contact manager for a solar power plant with nominal 100 MW capacity in Khezrabad, Yazd Province, Iran. CIMC is the investor of this project and the primary purpose of this power plant is for peak shaving of Iran summertime electricity consumption peak.  CPG-Pars has secured a power purchase agreement for this power plant so that its produced electricity to be swapped with equivalent amount natural gas needed to produce electricity in combined cycle power plants.
In this power plant, latest technologies for solar panels and inverters are to be used to guarantee high electricity generation and low CAPEX. Our simulation shows that the power plant, on average, contributes to summertime peak at 92% of its nominal capacity. The power plant is to be connected to the grid in 12 months and its production in the first year is to be more than 210 million kWh.
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